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Babies & Toddlers Swimming
What do your little ones learn?

In the first year with us, your little one will begin a brilliant foundation in swimming.

We use carefully considered swim positions and activities to help your baby gain confidence in the water from the get-go. We will help them to kick their legs while reaching for toys in the pool encourage them to stretch out to develop their swimming arms.

They will start their first steps in aquatic breathing through activities like blowing bubbles (and you will get to the fun too) Their first underwater swims will gently build on their natural gag reflex, and they will soon learn how to control their breath so it will become a learned action.

We will also work on building their physical ability and strengthening their core. Floating is the key part of the first year, as it forms a foundation of learning to swim and helps with water confidence.

And at the heart of everything we do is safety. We'll teach your baby to hold the pool onto the side and basic how to respond in an emergency situation.

By the end of our program, your little ones will be swimming freely and using different strokes and be able to keep themselves safe in and around the water.

And not only will they be able to swim independently and have learned a skill for life-they will have grown in confidence, too.