Corporate Combo
I consider myself a strong Corporate Trainer who has a strong desire to motivate people towards physical fitness through games as well as through exciting activities, exercises. I find that getting the best out of an individual is paramount, regardless of their level.
Would you like to organize a BODY COMBO FLOW class or event for your clients and/or employees?

We offer curated COMBO FLOW event planning and concept promotion to make it come to life in your community.

COMBO FLOW is an accessible way to reduce stress, encourage open-mindedness and positivity for those who want to promote a lifestyle that focuses on well-being and health. We are happy to offer you the management of your turn-key COMBO FLOW classes.

We offer classes that are both inspiring and energizing with elements of meditation that will reinvigorate the soul of the participants! COMBO FLOW classes specially designed for you, that combine a variety of types of exercises.
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Bettina Toth

Combo Flow - Fitness
Swimming and Skiing Trainer
AquaFiT and Squash Instructor
(Group and Individual Lessons)
I believe that training smart is the way to achieve success! I believe in determination and building solid habits!
My skills
Senior Coach in the Limassol Nautical Club, Cyprus
30 years experience in the sport and fitness industry
Highest Degree in Sport (JGYTF University of sport, Hungary 1995)
Yoga Shred™ Teacher Training Certificate with Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga founder Sadie Nardini

Swim Lessons University - USA, WABC system, Teaching swimming
Skiing ISE courses
Constantly improving in personal training, fitness, and yoga