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General FAQs
How frequently should I book swim lessons for my children?
Most students will progress at a faster rate with a higher number of swim lessons weekly. Ideally at least 1 lesson per week, and we strongly recommend intensives during school breaks or when possible.
What is the right age for my child to start swimming lessons?
We have 3 main aims for swimming lessons: ensuring that your little one gets to know the instructor, that they learn our routine, and that they learn to love the water. With those 3 goals we notice that they progress quicker with Pissouri Swimming School. There is no right or wrong answer for when babies/children should start lessons - it is solely dependent on you. There are lots of positive benefits that come from lessons: overall physical, cognitive and personal development, a knowledge of water safety and creating positive memories of water from a young age. We encourage all parents (especially with access to pools) to introduce their little ones to formal swimming lessons from a young age - we take babies from 3 months old.
How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?
It is important to understand that each child is different when learning to swim. Your instructor will have a better idea about how many lessons it may take for your child to achieve a certain goal. We encourage that you do not focus on a fixed goal of 'being able to swim' but actually encourage and acknowledge the small achievements your child will make each lesson!
My child was progressing well but has hit a plateau. What should I do?
Most children do plateau in swimming, this occurs when their ability exceeds their comprehension. However this does not mean they are not learning, they observe and process... and when we reintroduce the task at a later stage - it clicks immediately. If you feel like your child is plateauing, do inform your instructor so we can work together.
Lessons FAQs
What if I have kids of different ages and levels?
As we are a mobile swim school, we are able to customise our lessons to fit your needs. Our instructors are highly experienced in adapting lessons for children of different levels.
Are your instructors qualified to teach swimming lessons?
We have an extensive process for hiring elite staff, all of our instructors have chosen swim teaching as their career and not just as a part-time job. We require a minimum of 5 years of experience, as well as an internationally recognized swim teacher certification.

How long are the swimming lessons?

Our standard lesson is 30/45/60 minutes long according to the needs.