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Our Clients' Testimonials
Nikki Dake
Bettina Toth does fantastic classes - sure she would manage something for children. She is an ace instructor.
"I have trained with Bettina for 1,5 years and kept being close friends afterward. I trained 4 days a week 30-minutes in gymnastics and 1,5 hr of swimming. My health during this time was at its best ."
Svetlana Frolova
I have known Betti for over 30 years. I'm leaving 20 years in the USA. When I met her I struggled with my weight and she took me under her wings, invited me to the workout sessions that she led for women of all ages. I am lucky enough to say that I still workout with her because after every class I feel energized. Her sessions are safe and we move all the major body parts. Her motivation and dedication to physical exercise is an example, that's why I am very lucky to have her in my life after all these years. I exercise with her almost every day and my body always thanks me because Betti's workout is safe and effective at the same time. I highly recommend Betti to anyone!
Timea Juhasz
You are such an inspiration! When my cake has as many candles ad yours now, I'd like to be so strong-willed and active as you are!
Vaiva Savva